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At Airbag & Dash Repairs, our suite of specialized services, from airbag repairs to key coding and beyond, is designed to elevate your vehicle’s safety, aesthetics, and performance with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Airbag (ECU) Module Reprogramming

Airbag control module or ECU is the “computer box” for airbags. It regulates deployment of airbags during an accident. When the airbags deploy, the control module records crash data for the car as per accident. Like the ABS computer, the airbag control module (ECU) runs a self-check every time the vehicle is driven. If it finds a fault in a crash sensor (case crash data), the wiring or itself, it will sent a code, turn on the airbag light and disable itself.

Vehicle Dashboard Repairs

Dashboards can be damaged either through bad weather like sun hitting on for a long time, water getting in the car or through an accident. When dashboards get damaged, it is not the end, at Airbag & Dashboard Repairs SA, we perfectly restore your car to its original status, with same material of same texture. You would never believe that your car dashboard was damaged before. When we are done with it, the dashboard will be as new.

Vehicle Airbags Repairs

Airbags deploy/pop up during an accident or near-accident, and usually break the white bag that would come out on either the steering, passenger side, knee airbag, roof and seat-belts. This is the bag that protects you the driver and/or passengers. We repair these bags and we can sew and fit them back to their original position, and they will work perfectly once again.

Vehicle Seat Belts Repairs

We specialize in the repair of seatbelts for all car makes and models. In the event of an accident, if seatbelts become locked and their stocks are rendered unusable, our expert technicians can effectively repair them. Should the damage be beyond repair, we offer seamless replacements, ensuring your safety is never compromised.

Vehicle Roof Lining Repairs

Over time, car roof linings can sag due to aging or exposure to water and corrosive chemicals. When they peel off, it not only affects aesthetics but also compromises your driving experience. At our facility, we specialize in the meticulous repair of these sagging roof linings, restoring them to their original, new-like condition.

Vehicle Computer diagnostics

Concerned about your vehicle's overall health? Whether you simply want to assess its status or need a comprehensive diagnostic check, we've got you covered. Equipped with the latest technology and staffed by expert technicians, our all-body diagnostics service can pinpoint any issues your car might have.

Dashboard Cluster Error Clearing

In addition to diagnostics, Airbag & Dashboard Repairs SA excels in resolving cluster errors. Whether it's service lights, airbag indicators, engine-check errors, or any other issues, we have the expertise to clear them.

Key Replacements

Unlock a seamless experience with our Key Replacements service, offering advanced key coding and programming for spare and duplicate keys, as well as comprehensive solutions for all keys lost.

Odometer Correction

Drive with precision and accuracy with our Odometer Correction service, featuring ECU cloning, programming, and expert solutions for Immo off and Immo reset.

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Explore answers to common queries and gain insights into automotive care with our comprehensive FAQ section, designed to address your concerns and keep you informed every step of the way at Airbag & Dash Repairs.

At Airbag & Dash Repairs, we pride ourselves on offering cost-effective airbag repair solutions. The exact cost can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the extent of the damage. Schedule a consultation with our experts for a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs.

Absolutely. Our expert technicians specialize in dashboard repairs, addressing damage caused by various factors, including water exposure. We employ advanced techniques to restore the original texture and design, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Our airbag module re-programming involves eliminating crash data recorded by the module, essentially resetting it to factory status. This process not only clears airbag error indicators but also ensures the optimal functionality of your vehicle's safety control system.

Yes, we offer a 24/7 Emergency Call Service to provide immediate support. In case of an emergency, contact us  and our dedicated team will assist you promptly. For non-emergency inquiries, you can reach us during regular business hours through our contact page