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Who are we


Airbag Repairs South Africa is a subsidiary of Jordan Valley Pty Ltd. We are your expert in restoration of your car’s damaged dashboard and repairs of airbags.


We will restore your dashboard to the brand new status from hard plastic to a soft vinyl finish.


If your dashboard is non-repairable we can order a new one to replace your dashboard in a timely manner.

What We Do

Our Services & Products

Vehicle Airbags Repairs

Vehicle Airbags Repairs

Airbags deploy/pop up during an accident or near-accident, and usually break the white bag that would come out on either the steering, passenger side, knee airbag, roof and seat-belts.

This is the bag that protects you the driver and/or passengers. We repair these bags and we can sew and fit them back to their original position, and they will work perfectly once again.

Vehicle Seat Belts Repairs

Vehicle Seat Belts Repairs

We repair seatbelts of any car.

  • With some cars, when involved in an accident, seatbelts lock and their stocks will not be usable.
  • We repair these seatbelts, and if beyond repair, we will replace for you.
  • Our prices of new seatbelts are in their own space of affordability.
  • We are way cheaper than buying from an agent.

Dashboard Cluster Error Clearing

Dashboard Cluster Error Clearing

Besides diagnostics, Airbag & Dashboard Repairs SA is able to clear your cluster errors. Be it service lights, airbag lights, engine-check errors and many more, we can clear them.

Our equipment and experienced technicians, armed with latest technology can do all the work perfectly.

Vehicle Dashboard Repairs

Vehicle Dashboard Repairs

Dashboards can be damaged either through bad weather like sun hitting on for a long time, water getting in the car or through an accident. When dashboards get damaged, it is not the end, at Airbag & Dashboard Repairs SA, we perfectly restore your car to its original status, with same material of same texture. You would never believe that your car dashboard was damaged before. When we are done with it, the dashboard will be as new.

Vehicle Roof Lining Repairs

Vehicle Roof Lining Repairs

Roof linings of cars sometimes surge down due to old age or being washed using water or corrosive chemicals.

  • As a result, they drop down as they peel off.
  • We repair these roof linings, and you would love your new-like car.
  • We pride ourselves in the work we do.

Airbag (ECU) Module Reprogramming

Airbag (ECU) Module Reprogramming

Airbag control module or ECU is the “computer box” for airbags. It regulates deployment of airbags during an accident. When the airbags deploy, the control module records crash data for the car as per accident. Like the ABS computer, the airbag control module (ECU) runs a self-check every time the vehicle is driven. If it finds a fault in a crash sensor (case crash data), the wiring or itself, it will sent a code, turn on the airbag light and disable itself.

Vehicle Computer diagnostics

Vehicle Computer diagnostics

Vehicle body health! Do you just need to know the status of your car, we can run all-body diagnostics for your car?

We have the latest technology and expert technicians that can detect all errors your car can have. Be it engine, electronics or any other type of vehicle error, we will find it for you. We can print the errors, and you take a decision.

Contact Us

Our contacts for all enquiries

Do you have any question or feedback, feel free to contact us. You can also call us or visit us at our office. Please find all contact info on right panel. We try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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