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Vehicle Computer diagnostics

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Vehicle Computer diagnostics

When it comes to car diagnostics Dashboard Repairs combine two very important elements, dealer level computers and good old fashioned experience!

We begin each car’s diagnostic session with a general diagnosis.

Then we “drill down” to analyse specific problems.

Our BOSCH Diag Tool’s work very well with Land Rover and BMW vehicles, as well as many others.

Some modern Mercedes Benz cars employ active suspensions.

They have no springs, conventional shock absorbers, or anti-sway bars.

We have a dealer level computer to diagnose these systems as we put them through rigorous tests to evaluate their performance and correct any malfunctions.

Every vehicle owner wants the highest level of performance and economy from their vehicle.

With constant use, certain systems may not always be performing to its optimum.

Do you have starting or stalling problem?

Do you see excessive smoke coming from the exhaust?

Are you making more trips to the gas station than required?

Overheating or misfires?

With the latest Bosch diagnostic and test equipment, the technicians at Dashboard Repair scan diagnose any shortcomings.

When you have your car professionally tuned through Dashboard Repairs you can ensure:

  • Better Performance
  • Reliability
  • Better Economy
  • Reduced Emissions 

Created by: McMunashe Munemo