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Vehicle Airbags Repairs in Germiston, Johannesburg

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Vehicle Airbags Repairs

Modern day cars come equipped with airbags for enhanced protection of the driver and other occupants of the car.

The airbags are also useful in reinforcing the structural integrity of the vehicle for instances in the event of an unfortunate collision delivering a side impact, or in a rollover instance.

If the SRS light or airbag is illuminated on the dashboard, then the air bag system may fail to operate since a fault is present.
Dashboard Repairs have the necessary experience and training to deal with all problems associated with air bags and ensure that you have a peaceful and safe ride.

What’s SRS warning?
An SRS warning light indicates a problem with the airbag somewhere in its control unit circuitry.

It can be due to a loose contact or related to logging a flat battery code.

When this happens, the air bags and the associated pre- tensioners will fail to operate until such time the fault is rectified.

If wrong codes have been logged in then corrective action needs to be taken and this is best left in the hands of experienced technicians.

Deployed Airbags
In instances where the airbags have been deployed, we can restore them safely back in your car.

Airbags have the most important function of effectively protecting the driver and passengers from serious injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident.

It is essential that every time you start your car, you look for these warning signs to avoid a catastrophe.

At times, the airbag system can report a fault even when your car is not involved in a crash.

There can be several underlying causes for such a report and the best thing you can do is to bring your car at the earliest to our facility and our experts will quickly fix the faults to ensure a safe ride.

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