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Airbag (ECU) Module Reprogramming

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Airbag (ECU) Module Reprogramming

What Is An ECU?

Each car is installed with several ECU’s.

ECU stands for “Engine Control Unit”although the say term is given to electronic control modules of other systems.
There is an ECU for your engine management, one for your dashboard/lights, one for your gearbox, one for your air bags, ABS and so on.
The engine ECU’s are also known as ECM (Engine Control Module).

What Does The ECU Do?

An ECU (Air Bag ECU) also known as an ECM (Electronic control module) is responsible for all the electronic signals passed back and forward to the vehicle. 

Without an ECU, your air bags would not deploy in an accident.

What We Do

As fully qualified ECU repair specialists we are capable of carrying out a wide range of ECU repairs reprogramming following an initial ECU soak testing which will help to identify the cause of the problem and pinpoint it.

In many cases a simple flash reset could be all that is required to get your ECU back into working order but if your electronic control unit needs to be exchanged or replaced then we are able to offer some great deals on new ones from a range of manufacturers including BOSCH, VDO, MAGNETTI MARELLI, SAGEM, SIEMENS & LUCAS ECU units and we are also proud to announce that we’ve got some fantastic cash saving offers.

ECU’s are rarely manufactured by the car manufacturers. In most cases the manufacturer of
your ECU unit will be one of the following:

To find out if we can repair your own unit, contact us today

Created by: McMunashe Munemo